NexGen Lawyer Leaders

One Day In Person Workshop

The NexGen Lawyer Leaders Workshop is a comprehensive, full-day event lasting approximately 7 hours, carefully designed to maximise learning and interaction.

The day begins with a warm welcome and introductions, setting a collaborative tone, followed by a series of engaging activities and icebreakers to ease participants into a learning mindset.

The core of the workshop comprises in-depth sessions focused on personal and professional leadership development, including reflective exercises to deepen self-awareness, theoretical discussions on leadership styles, and practical application through group discussions.

Breaks are strategically placed throughout the day to ensure participants stay refreshed and engaged, including a longer lunch break for networking and connection with your peers.

The workshop concludes with time for personal commitment setting and reflective sharing, ensuring that participants leave with actionable insights and a clear direction for their continued leadership growth.

Date: 6 July 2024

Location: Sydney CBD, NSW