Do you have questions about Professional Coaching, Team Coaching or Lawyer Coaching?
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Coaching is the process used to metaphorically transport people from where they are to where they want to be. That can be in their environment, their behavior, their skills, their beliefs and values, their careers, their performance and their life. It’s about moving people forward!

Coaching doesn’t “fix people” because it doesn’t work on the premise that people are “broken”. Coaching assumes that we all have the resources we need to succeed. The process of coaching allows you to uncover these resources and learn how to use them so you can be who you need and want to be to achieve your goals.

Coaching Advocates coaches are all trained professionals who have undergone rigorous training programs to become coaches. If you are interested in coaching, why don’t you click here and come and meet our coaches.

Arguably no-one needs coaching! Many people go on to have happy and successful lives without ever being coached. However, anyone wanting to make a change, capitalise on an existing talent or improve their personal and professional effectiveness can benefit immensely from coaching.

At Coaching Advocates we love supporting our clients to improve their personal and professional relationships, achieve success in their careers and live full and enriching lives. No one needs to have all of this in order to survive, but these favourable outcomes can surely help you thrive.

As coaches it’s our job to support you in achieving your goals. We help you navigate the obstacles you are facing and we work with you to identify your blind spots and develop your capacity to become more effective.

The modern workplace is complex and stressful and many of our clients find coaching incredibly beneficial.

As professionals, we have the technical skills and training to perform our roles. But often we struggle to maintain balance, manage stress and gain control over our emotions and behaviour under pressure. Imagine being able to achieve success on your terms, to become more focused and more productive in your career and in your personal life, to gain the confidence to take your career to the next level and to truly invest in yourself.

Whether you are seeking progress in a particular area of your life such as: a promotion, more positive feedback, building your client base; or seeking to gain more balance across all aspects of your life, coaching provides the guidance and support you need to bring about that desired change.

Team coaching helps team members to communicate effectively, build trust, encourage innovation, build resilience and move forward, collaborate efficiently and achieve results. By combining team coaching alongside individual one-to-one coaching, we allow every team member to have a voice, to be heard, to express their concerns and build their own confidence and trust within the team, which ultimately results in a healthier, more effective and higher performing team. And all of this ultimately benefits the bottom line!
If you’re a practising lawyer (or have been one at some point in your career), you might feel that having a coach who understands the environment you are operating in, or which shaped your development and the way you see the world, would be beneficial.

Having said that, as professional coaches, we are conscious not to simply project our experience of being a lawyer onto our clients, and this is where our training and credentials come into play. We invest a significant amount of time, energy and financial resources into our own development, training and capabilities and our clients benefit from this.
Coaching Advocates is passionate about helping individuals and organisations think differently and do better. All of our coaches are existing or former lawyers who have experience coaching lawyers and executives. Whilst we specialise in coaching lawyers, we have a wide and deep wealth of experience and have used our coaching skills and experience to assist executives from many other professions.
Our 1 on 1 and team coaching prices vary depending on the seniority of our coaches and the number of sessions purchased. Please contact us here for more details.
We sure do! Coaching is just one of our offerings at Coaching Advocates. We also offer:
  • training workshops on a variety of topics such as (conscious communication, emotional intelligence, work-life balance, resilience, mental health and wellness)
  • online programs (see below) ; and
  • consulting services to assist law firms and corporates design their own leadership & development and mental health & wellness courses.

Coaching Advocates  offers a number of different online programs that are available on a subscription basis, the cost of which are published on our site. 

Our flagship program is the Modern Lawyer Program. This program is designed by lawyers for lawyers and will help you think differently, increase your communication and relationship building skills, overcome resistance to change and become a better leader in the legal profession.

The Modern Lawyer program will equip you to grow and use your full gammut of technical skills and resources effectively so that you can reach your potential and navigate the obstacles holding you back. The live group cohorts also provide a fabulous networking opportunity as lawyers from around the globe participate in the program.