Burnout: Taking Control Of Stress When Your Boss Doesn’t Care

As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2021, the end-of-year exhaustion has, like an unwanted house guest, arrived early and is showing no sign of leaving. It’s probably not surprising, considering the eventful start to the year we’ve had and there is certainly a blurring of that “line in the sand” we drew when 2020 came to an end.

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Harness The Power Of Skilful Listening

There are many skills I learned as a coach that I wish I’d had at my disposal when I was practising as a lawyer and leading teams. The power of skilfully listening is one of the most valuable of those skills. This means listening without agenda or judgement, listening with an open and quiet mind and listening without planning and rehearsing a response in my head while I nod along patiently waiting for my turn to speak.

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Horrible Bosses: How To Make Wine From Your Tears

“I don’t need a cry baby, I need a f***ing lawyer!” I was in my first year as an articled clerk when a partner shouted those words at me. I’d let some tears fall after copping a tirade of insults from him when he’d found a typo in a document. While this encounter took place almost 20 years ago, similar interactions are still taking place in firms and corporations today, along with many other less blatant examples of poor leadership. In fact, a recent article in The Times reported that one in five lawyers have been bullied or harassed while at work.

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Hot Mess Leadership

I cringe when I recall all the emails I sent over my time spent in private practice asking to postpone a commitment because things are “super hectic,” “crazy busy” or “manic.” No doubt the image that formed in the mind of the recipient was of me in a state of frenzy, hair on end, blouse untucked, shoes off and kicked under the desk, lurching around the office in stockinged feet. Probably not far from the truth, but hardly an image that portrays dignity and leadership.

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Did You Miss Out on a Promotion? Then Follow These 6 steps…

I've been there myself. I remember once being told I couldn't get a promotion because my peers weren't moving at the same pace as I was and I couldn't be promoted in isolation (I kid you not - that was actually what I was told!) A couple of weeks later, one of those peers got the promotion I had asked for ..... So if you're one of the many who missed out this year, I feel your feels.

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