Meet the team
Andrea Foot


With a career spanning four decades, Andrea Foot is a valued and knowledgeable figure in the field of executive coaching, particularly within the legal and technology sectors. She understands the pressures of running a law firm and the corresponding challenges of leading lawyers. Her learning in psychodynamic thinking enriches her coaching, allowing her to offer deep insights into organisational dynamics and leadership behaviour.


Andrea’s expertise in coaching extends to leaders at all levels, helping them navigate the complexities of personal, team, and systemic challenges in their organisations. Her work is informed by her extensive background in leading technology firms and consulting for professional services firms in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America.


Andrea’s coaching methodology is rooted in systems psychodynamic thought, which she applies to uncover and address the underlying dynamics within organizations and teams. Her approach focuses on understanding the unspoken, often unconscious factors that influence behaviour and decision-making processes. By exploring these underlying currents, Andrea helps individuals and firms identify the core issues that may be hindering their progress. This insightful exploration enables leaders to uncover and manage hidden resistances and anxieties, facilitating meaningful change and more effective leadership.


Andrea holds an Executive Master in Coaching & Consulting for Change with distinction from INSEAD, coupled with a postgraduate qualification in psychology. Her academic pursuits complement her practical experience, making her a profound resource for leaders seeking to foster change within their teams and organisations.


Based in Australia, Andrea coaches an international clientele of leaders. She is a member of Group Relations Australia and actively participates in Group Relations Conferences worldwide, continuously enhancing her understanding of group and systemic dynamics.


Some areas of expertise:


      Career direction

      Role transitions

      Group work for teams undergoing change and transition

      Organisational dynamics analysis and consulting

  • INSEAD Masters in Coaching & Consulting for Change (with distinction) 2019

  • KDVI Organisational Cultural Audit toolset and analysis 2020

  • Graduate Certificate in Psychology, JCU 2022